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We believe in community, vulnerability, prioritizing mental health and providing resources for people to feel more at home in their bodies.


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George Kittle

Host & The People's Tight End

GK's passion for life, football and connecting with others can be felt in everything he does. Instead of starting a new foundation, George and his wife Claire have funded the Hidden Pearls Podcast to uplift and share their resources.


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Emma Kittle

Producer, Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Emma brings her passion for holistic wellness to every story we share. Her love of HPP lies in the powerful transformation and healing that comes from sharing stories. She loves editing and weaving the magic of the guest's stories together.


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Bruce Kittle

Writer & Talent Connections

BK's magic lies in helping people see the best in themselves. His law degree, Masters of Theology and 31 years of being the best dad in the world has turned him into our Shaman Yoda. BK brings his program, Mindful Awareness & Performance to every episode and drops quotes like it is nobody's business.


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