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Andi Ward with George & Bruce Kittle

This week the Niners host the LA Rams in Levi’s Stadium on Monday Night Football. There really is nothing like the feeling of playing on national TV, under the lights, at home, on the grass, against a divisional rivalry, and have it play on Monday Night Football, the original new football time slot. I still remember when I was young and they started playing on Monday nights and people thought they were crazy. But they were not, and people loved it and now we also have Thursday Night Football. So here we go.  George and I sit down to review last week’s game (OUCH!), noting some lessons learned and where the Niiners go from here. Then we take a peek at the Rams along with our college and NFL review. We also talk puppies, recovery, finding “Hidden Pearls” (people and organizations doing good work), and talk wine and movies.   

Our MVP veteran guest is Andi Ward. She is a Navy veteran with 2 deployments, a sex abuse survivor, a domestic abuse survivor, and someone who has successfully found sustained recovery and sobriety over alcohol and meth. This is a remarkable interview and a bit longer than our normal. But Andi has quite the story and has been through so much and has persevered, fought, struggled, got set back, relapsed, but never stopped climbing and moving toward the life she believed she could have and deserved.   

Andi now serves as the Director of Training and Resources for MVP (creating trainings and offerings for the national staff) and is also a trainer/strength coach at the elite performance & MMA gym, Unbreakable Performance in West Hollywood (Jay Glazer’s gym and home of the Wednesday night in person MVP LA West Huddle). She is plenty busy but never too busy to lend a hand, sit and listen, and seek out new adventures to learn, grow, and serve others.   

I found this an inspirational and empowering interview with some gold nuggets on recovery, surviving and overcoming sex abuse, transitioning into and out of the military, and how the body is such a powerful tool in recovering from trauma. Lessons learned on how to rebuild trust in yourself, and then eventually with others. For Andi trust is a cornerstone to the recovery and healing process. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed sitting in on it. Thank you Andi!   

REMINDER: It is OK TO NOT BE OK (and to tell someone!!); and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!   

If you are a retired military or former professional athlete, please go check out the MVP website and sign up.    Have a great week spreading love, kindness, healing, grace, and non-judgment! (at least that is what I am working towards!! : )  

GO NINERS!!  Bruce 

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