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HPP - WK6 @ Atlanta - Mark Zinno & Brandy Powell Hester with George & Bruce Kittle

This week the Niners are in week 2 of their east coast swing and are off to Atlanta to face the Falcons after a week of solitude at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. In this show we open with a chat with George from the Greenbrier in his “green room” as we discuss the win over the Panthers, the upcoming game verses the Falcons, on goings in the NFL (including that every other team in the West lost last week!), issues on synthetic turf fields, concussion protocols, and the power and technique behind mental “resets” after emotional events.  

This week I traveled to Atlanta early and joined the Atlanta MVP live Huddle on Wednesday night for a work out and Huddle session. My thanks to all the Atlanta MVP crew for their warm welcome and especially to Assistant Program Manager Brandy Powel who lead our workout and Huddle. A swim instructor, trainer, and fighter, she has wisdom beyond her years. We have a special segment with Brandy included in this episode so please look for that as well.   Our MVP Veteran interview is with Atlanta Program Manager Mark Zinno, a 28 year Army veteran, currently a Colonel in the National Guard. Mark shares insights on his military career (including two deployments), as well as his very active broadcasting/radio career. Mark also hosts and produces the “Hazard Ground Podcast”, which is about to hit its 300th episode. In HGP Mark interviews other veterans to tell their stories and share insights of the highs and lows of military service and the issues vets face on transitioning back to civilian life. As we talk about frequently, it is OK not to be OK, you are not alone, and it is OK to ask for help (that is why you are not alone!).  

 Mark shares his own journey with mental health issues, how he realized he was dealing with PTSD, and what it took for him to get help and the steps he has engaged since. Mark is also a strong proponent of positive and effective leadership, which he believes requires 3 primary elements: (1) Self-sacrifice, (2) Empathy, and (3) Putting people first. Mark explains lessons the military has taught him and how his mindset has changed and evolved over the years and how his military experiences have helped him make those mindset adjustments that have allowed him to see all aspects of life as opportunities for growth.   

This is a high energy and intense conversation filled with passion and love. Mark has a strong commitment to the greater good and making the world a better place in all the small ways each of us can. Simply put, do your job as well as you can, and it all takes care of itself. Thank you Mark for sharing. I know all of you will enjoy this one.  

 REMINDERS:  It is OK TO NOT BE OK (and to tell someone!!); and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!  It is OK TO ASK FOR HELP – that is why YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!  CANCER SUCKS – and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!  Peace, love, kindness, and healing.   

May we all be one and take care of one another. 

- Bruce  Mark Zinno @markzinno Brandy Powell Hester @brandy_the_beest (instagram)  Brandy Chris (Facebook) Foundation:

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