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NATIONAL TIGHT ENDS DAY - Greg Olsen, Sarah, Rachel & Kevin Waul with George & Bruce Kittle

Niners are back home after tough loss on the road at Atlanta. We knew that would be a very physical game as Falcons play same ball we like to and, on this day, did so better than we did. Lots of injuries on both sides of ball but defense down to just 2 original starters by end of the game. This week we hope to rebound, get some players back (Trent Williams and Nic Bosa!!) and get back to playing physical tough Niner football.   

This week we start out with George and I sitting down with 14-year vet and 3x pro-bowler Greg Olsen. We have gotten to know Greg through his work with us on Tight End University (TEU). Now entering its 3rd year and will once again be hosted in Nashville again at Vanderbilt University. Last year we had around 85 tight ends in attendance and likely to be bigger this year.   We talk National Tight End Day and wonder if it is coincidence, providence, or something else that Travis and George play each other AND Greg is calling the game on FOX on this historic and sacred holiday?? We think not but will let you decide for yourself! Then more on TEU, Greg’s transition after leaving the NFL and into broadcasting, mental prep and mind set from football to calling a game, coaching his kids, and an update on his son TJ and his heart transplant. Super high energy guy with lots going on with, (including starting a new podcast platform!). Know you will enjoy getting caught up with Greg.  

 In honor of October and Cancer Awareness, as well as the NFL Crucial Catch cancer awareness effort, our interview this week is with Sarah Waul. George and Sarah have a long history as they first met when Sarah was about 8 years old, and George was a redshirt freshman at Iowa as he made a visit to her while she was involved with the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital as a cancer patient. She survived that but a few years later was back and she and George (and Claire) reconnected as she went through treatment again.   

Now 18 years old Sarah was diagnosed a 3rd time about 15 months ago and again listed as terminal (and was facing two different types of cancer this time including thyroid cancer). But never one to listen to anyone tell her what she can or can’t do, Sarah did treatment, had surgies, and as she visited us on this her Make-A-Wish trip to the Niners for a football game, now has reductions in all of her inflicted areas, is on the mend, and again has been taken off the terminal list. WOW!    

No easy answers here and some hard story telling for Sarah and her mom and dad, but we learn about the power of believing in something beyond yourself, how faith can lift us up (and crush us at times), and how a family unites to pull together and bring energy, strength, and healing to Sarah and each other. All 6 of them are in town this week to visit the Niners and attend the Chiefs game, and we offer special thanks to Saya Lindsay and all the folks at the Niners who worked so hard to make this trip come together and be so special for Sara and her family.   

Also want to mention the Women of the Niners event we attended Thursday night this week with at Levi’s Stadium!! This was a women’s health event and we had a variety of vendors on site addressing women’s health issues including nutrition (Nutrition Palace), fitness (Niners’ Fit), cancer support and prevention (Latinas Contra Cancer & Cancer Carepoint), and domestic violence support (Next Door Solutions). Thanks to our vendors for attending and sharing info.   

Emma led a yoga session on the turf at Levi’s for everyone and after that we had the great pleasure to facilitate a discussion with Q&A on wellness, healing, and community. Really enjoyed being there and thank everyone for coming and inviting us. This was Emma’s 3rd year participating and we had over 90 people in attendance. This was a great night and so fun. 


- It is OK TO NOT BE OK (and to tell someone!!); 


Peace, love, kindness, and healing. See the other in yourself as we have more in common than we have different. Have a great week. Enjoy this episode.   

- Bruce  

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