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Operation Freedom Paws

Niners continue to roll and now on a 7-game win streak after taking the show up to Seattle and putting it on the Seahawks to clinch the Western Division Title! Brock Purdy continued to roll as did the Niner’s top ranked defense. Three games left as we fight for the 2nd seed in the NFC and some home field games. Just keep playing Niner ball and this will be a special Holiday Season indeed!!  For our “Christmas/Holiday” show we deliberately picked Operation Freedom Paws, a non-profit organization serving veterans through paring and training them with rescued service dogs. Nothing says happy holidays like rescued dogs matched with veterans, and trained as service dogs. This is an amazing feel-good story about this dog and vet-friendly non-profit located in San Martin, CA.   

OFP was founded by Mary Cortani, an Army and Vietnam era veteran, who is a certified Army Master Instructor of Canine Education and an American Kennel Club Certified Canine Good Citizen© Evaluator. Mary serves as the OFP President and Executive Director of Operations. Mary started OFP in 2010 after she was contacted by a vet who was facing a 1-year wait period to be matched with a service dog. After looking into it Mary found the need was immense and she in turn answered the call.   Why match veterans with service dogs you might ask. Well, simply because dogs are amazing and when properly matched and well trained, they can read their veterans and help alert them and protect them and assist them in navigating the perils and challenges of living life with PTSD (and a variety of other mental and/or physical challenges). OFP not only rescues all their dogs, they also then train the veterans to train the dogs through a lengthy and detailed training program. The match and bonding that takes place makes all the difference and the results are amazing.  

You will hear Mary’s story along with 2 of their veterans who have gone through the program and live with their own OFP service dogs. We met them and their pups and honestly it was all so amazing the difference these dogs make in the lives of these veterans. We know you will enjoy the show and encourage you to check them out and consider supporting them.   

Happy Holidays!! Wherever you are and whoever you are with, we wish you the very best and most wonderful of times. Take care of yourself, set limits, say no if needed and yes only if you want to. Stay connected and remember you are not alone!!   

 Love, peace, gratitude, and grace, for you and all your tribe this holiday season.   

Bruce & Emma

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