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WK 20 - DIV ROUND - George, Emma & Bruce Kittle

Niners take Seattle out for third time this season with a strong 2nd half winning 42-17. Now at 11 in a row and set to play Cowboys on Sunday in Levis Stadium. House will be rocking as the fans crushed it last Saturday, especially in 2nd half. Multiple illegal procedure penalties by Seattle and LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!  Thank you Niner fans and Levis, it was magical. Let’s do it AGAIN!

It is still win or go home but win this and we are back in the NFC Championship game. This is what it is all about and what the team has been working towards all year. It is hard to do but it is exactly what this organization has always been about, as well as this group of players – WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS!! Strap it up and let’s go!

George was able to join Emma and I this week, so we dissect the Seattle game a bit, he tells me I have too many stats (but I read them anyway) and we look at AFC games, Eagles vs Giants, and then the Cowboys. We talk a bit of WWE and his friend Bayley who sported his jersey into the RAW ring last week and is a huge Niner fan.

Emma and George talk “Recipes for Wellness” with a closer look at the importance of sleep and some tips for maximizing your own sleep. We close with a review of some of the special “Hidden Pearls” we each have experienced of late. A lot of great people out there doing great things and remember, even the smallest thing can be a big thing if done with the right heart, spirit, and love.

Let’s keep working together to find ways to create the communities we all want and need. Together we can make a difference!!  Create the world you want by living it out! Love, peace, and kindness!!

With love,  

Emma & Bruce  

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