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Happy Thursday HPP Family!!  

The team went full throttle in July and recorded 5 shows. We loved all of them as we had football star Travis Kelce, recording artist Trevor Hall, author and Gulf War veteran Bob Taylor on talking about his new book “From Service to Success”. These are all great shows and we know you will love listening to them. We will be releasing these shows throughout August leading up to our NFL pre-season show with George the first week of September. This NFL HPP season is lining up to be very special.   

Of all of the shows we have recorded we chose to open the month of August with Yanti Amos, the Yogi-Ninja. Yanti and her story cross over so many interests and story lines that we believe everyone will enjoy it.  Born in Australia to Indonesian parents, Yanti eventually became an international business lawyer working globally from countries in Asia as well as Europe. She was successful, making money, and thought she was living the life of her dreams.   

But a funny thing happened along the way. She woke up, literally. She was involved in an accident that left her laid up and forced her to take time off from work. In the space this provided she realized this was not the life she wanted and she was not the person she wanted to be. She left the practice of law and based on yoga sessions she experienced during her rehab, she got certified as a yoga instructor and within 6 years opened her own yoga studio in New York.   

From there the story takes some additional twists and turns eventually leading her to a black belt in karate, selling the studio, and then working fulltime with her husband in teaching Karate all over the world (as well as yoga through the Warrior Flow School). Please enjoy her humor, her wit, her resiliency, and her passion. Side note, in 2018 George and Bruce were in New York and attended a yoga class at Yanti’s hot yoga studio!! Small world indeed.   

Enjoy the show and let’s get pumped up for the 2023-24 NFL season!!   

Emma & Bruce   

------- Yanti Amos -  

Donation Information:   

1. The Nachan Project I am on the Board of this project and our work is in bringing mindfulness-based practices to women & children of the Karamojong tribe living in the Katwe slums of Kampala, Uganda. We provide humanitarian aid, psycho-social support & public health advocacy.  

2. Supporting Dalit Children I am involved in helping to develop educational programs for Dalit-Untouchable children in remote Karnataka, Southern India. The Board and its various committees volunteer to support education and sponsorship programs. We work against illiteracy, the caste system and bonded labor.   

On the landing page there is a yellow donate button.  

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