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This week on the show we have David Truesdale, who spent almost 28 years working for the Department of the Navy as a Special Agent in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Even though a “civilian” technically, he was involved in 2 deployments (Iraqi and Afghanistan) and lead troops in combat settings. Upon his retirement from the Department of the Navy, David was working to reintegrate back into “normal” life but was facing some difficulties. Through his contact with several veteran support groups, and yoga (his wife had been a long-time yoga instructor), he found his way to healing.

As David explains in the show, a big part of his journey has been yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. With the support and urging from his wife, he eventually became certified in several modalities and is now a Certified Warrior Yoga Teacher (C-WYT), a Warriors at Ease (WAE) Certified Teacher, and a Level 2 Integrative Restoration (iRest) Meditation Teacher. He is also a member of the Save a Warrior (SAW) Cohort 063 and is a founder and Board member (along with his wife) of the Warrior Spirit Project (WSP), a non-profit that provides free trauma informed yoga and meditation instruction to veterans and first responders. He is also a member of the Dallas Chapter of MVP. We know you will enjoy this one. 

Thank you David for being on the show!  

Emma & Bruce

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