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Tight End University's first ever Player of the Year Award goes to.... Travis Kelce!!!  

Travis has always been larger than life in the Tight End world. It was an honor to host him at George's barn for this show. We filmed this episode a few weeks after TEU so it was really great to reflect on how special year 3 was for everyone involved.  In this episode you'll hear about Travis' story of finding freedom through football, brotherly love, and  trust with Andy Reid in Kansas City's system. 

We get into what it was like growing up in the Kelce household with his brother Jason, and how Travis has navigated staying true to himself through this different stages of his career.  The power of the Kelce brother's love is showcased in their podcast New Heights and was on display for the world to see in this year's Super Bowl. Through his family's love and support, Travis has developed into a football powerhouse that is rewriting the game.  

We hope you enjoy the show! 

Emma & Bruce

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