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George and the Niners are back in Cali this week but travel to LA for another game with the Rams at Levi’s South!! This following a very impressive and solid victory on the road last week vs the Steelers  30-7. Defense showed up big allowing only 41 yards rushing to the Steelers offense and came away  with 5 sacks, 3 by defensive end Drake Jackson. Brock Purdy and the crew on offense dismantled the vaunted Steeler defense from beginning to end. Now looking to get their first win in their division against a surprising Rams team, who are returning home after a road victory at Seattle.   

All is setting  up for another exciting game in this intense rivalry. Join us as we review the game in Pittsburg and keys games from last week across rest of the league, and preview the Niners game vs the Rams.    

Thanks for listening! 

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