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Welcome to SEASON 2 Hidden Pearls Podcast friends, family and followers! 

We are beyond excited to kick off this season with Darren Waller of the Las Vegas Raiders. Darren shares his journey of the deep work he has gone through to get where he is today. We talk football, camp and what’s in store for both teams this season. 

We get into mindset, Tight End U, healthy masculinity, Spider Man and take a look into the amazing things Darren is doing to support the Las Vegas youth with his foundation, The Darren Waller Foundation. This podcast is a celebration of the amazing connections and lessons we discovered over the off-season. 

We hope you hear it and are inspired to SHINE.

Darren Waller IG & Twitter: @rackkwell The Darren Waller Foundation: https://darrenwaller.orgPodcast: Comeback Stories

Books: 10% Happier by Dan Harris Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

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